Classics Cars Set


    1. Touch to start
    2. I´m not hold, i´m vintage
    3. Oil in the blood, born to speed
    4. Ready to start engines?
    5. Go!
    6. Take a driver a pose!
    7. Countdown
    8. You look so elegant
    9. Time to refuel!
    10. Fasten your seat belt for the photo
    11. Route Party
    12. Sing your photo
    13. Your photo is printing

    No audio


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Animations will be sent within 48 hours

The animations purchased in provide you one license to display it in one device and will only be used along with Mirror Booth and Photo Booth services.

The animations only can be used by the buyer in one device. If you need more licenses to use in several devices, you have to buy them in the “Licenses” section.

Its distribution or commercialization without the express permission of is totally forbidden.


English, Español, Other language


Landscape, Portrait


Breeze, Darkroom, Dslrbooth, Sparkbooth, Social Booth, iPad – Tablet Resolution

Classics Cars Set